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Swell Ad is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Backgrounds (for Custom ads):
a. Contrasting colors may be more eye catching.
b. Not all browsers will display colors the same.
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 Background texture options   40 Beige marble
   41 Beige pattern
   42 Beige wood
   43 Blue marble
   44 Blue pattern
   45 Blue weave
   46 Brown marble
   47 Brown wood
   48 Charcoal cloth
   49 Charcoal marble
   50 Golden wood
   51 Gray weave
   52 Gray with horizontal lines
   53 Gray with vertical liness
   54 Green blue
   55 Green cloth
   56 Green marble
   57 Red silk
   58 Red stars
   59 Tan with horizontal lines
   60 Tan with vertical lines
   61 White with a little blue
   62 White with a little gray
   63 White with a little tan
   64 Yellow with a little white
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