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Swell Ad is a trademark of the Artsho Corp.

Terms & Conditions
Managed by the Artsho Corp.


All communications with this site must be in English.

Your ad will contain no message that it was made by SwellAd.

Rates, terms and conditions for Artsho services are subject
to revision with the passage of time, and take effect when
uploaded to the internet. Prepaid service orders received
prior to a revision will be processed at the prior rate.

If making payment by mail: we will accept either a money
order or cashiers check, USD, payable to Artsho Corp.;
it must be received before we will accept any order;
send it to the address shown on the order form of:
6351 Granite St., Houston, Texas 77092-4722

It is the sole responsibility of a customer and/or his
agent to assure that Artsho receives the full, correct
information when the order is initially placed, and no
less than five full business days before a customer's
desired date of an undertaking.

When an order is placed for an Image ad, it must: include
the present online address of the blank image ( - without
any text); it must already be of the desired size.

Included with an order for either a Custom, Mirror or Image
ad is a single modification of the original design, which
will be valid for only the first 3 days and starting at
the time and on the date of its first email by us.

A Mirror ad must be based on one displayed on this site.

A Mirror ad will not be exactly identical as the base ad.
It will be produced in a manner which seeks to reflect
the same basic design considerations of the original.
This type of ad is not well suited to those wanting
to exercise maximum input; however, it is best suited
to those who are less concerned with each small detail.

Simple ad orders do not include a modification.

Created banner ads are emailed as images, not programs.

Artsho Corp. extends no guarantee or warranty in terms of
system uptime. Further, Artsho does not extend or assume any
form of warranty or liability related or due to a temporarily
unavailable web site, maintenance of system(s) state, hacking,
inaccurately provided data, interruption or loss of service,
business or business revenue.

Ads placed on Artsho Corp. web sites are not endorsements
by Artsho for the advertisers, their product or service.
Artsho does not attempt to validate or verify the info
provided by advertisers or their agents, and accepts
no burden to do so for their potential customers.

Artsho Corp. retains all rights to continue or discontinue
providing service to any customer.  Artsho Corp. does not
relinquish any right in the intent, purpose, application,
use or final choices of exercising its own discretion in
the process of conducting business.

No other agreement will negate, supplement or override
any element of these conditions and terms unless it is
directly with the owner of Artsho Corp., and then, in
written form only when signed personally by same owner.

Litigation against Artsho Corp. will be conducted within
Harris Co., governed by the State of Texas and US law.

Terms as of: 03-31-07

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